DIY Book Care and Repair

BOOKCRAFT: Simple Techniques for the Maintenance and Repair of Books (pdf) is meant for schools and fox portraitlibraries, but provides quick reference to the parts of a bound book along with illustrated guides to their maintenance and repair.

The Alaska State Library also has a helpful series of PDFs, collectively called Conservation Book Repair: A Training Manual, similarly filled with illustrated instructions ranging from cleaning musty books and tightening loose bindings to maintaining an entire library collection.

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Lawyer/typographer Matthew Butterick created this tight and tidy shareware/donationware online book, which covers most of the basics of typeset punctuation, text formatting, and fundamental page layout principles. If you find yourself having to make a published document but do not have typeset or layout experience, this book will quickly get you familiar with the fundamentals. It’s also a good resource for choosing and purchasing fonts from a pre-curated selection (including some of the author’s own designs).

Butterick’s Practical Typography

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arctic foxHello and welcome. The intent behind this blog is to document and share the links and information I’ve recently collected on editing and self-publishing. I am a San Francisco-based freelance editor, and after spending the past few years compiling lists of links and writing up tips and hints for my writer and publisher friends, we decided it would be worthwhile and useful to collect them all in one public place.

Topics discussed will include language, writing and editing software, self-publishing platforms and services, grammar—that sort of thing. There is a likelihood that random pictures of foxes will also occasionally be posted, like this one.