Flickr and the Commons


Foxtographer by Megan Lorenz

Flickr was once one of the best places on the internet to find new Creative Commons-licensed photography, but since its takeover by Yahoo!, it is harder to search and to collect attribution for Commons-licensed content. (See this BoingBoing post for more info on how Flickr is broken in this respect.) The “Explore–>the Commons” tab seems to only search public domain images, or resources from institutions or organizations, neither of which are usually properly marked with a useful license type. The bookmarklet in this post from Digital Inspiration does a good job of making attribution easier, and Cory at BoingBoing has an update to another bookmarklet as well, although I haven’t gotten it to work yet. Librarian By Day has a helpful Flickr/CC attribution guide. (NB I have not always properly attributed here, but I’m at least beginning to learn how to!)

Image by Megan Lorenz (Flickr stream) via the Toronto Star.

2 thoughts on “Flickr and the Commons

  1. I have been looking at using Flickr creative commons for work, but get confused about what type of use it would be (non-commerical I am assuming since we are a non-profit) and how to do attributions. Thanks for the link, it is helpful.

  2. You should be free to use works under any of the licenses at the first link, as long as you provide attribution and don’t apply a stricter copyright to the product you make with it. It’s weird and not super useful how they make you search under the specific different types of CC licenses on that page.

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